About Moya

As a child I was most at ease surrounded by nature and animals. I related easily with plants, trees and animals. I could see and feel energy. It was only when I was older that I started to explore energy and healing….. looking for information and knowledge that would explain my sensory perceptions.

When I was nursing in a busy Accident and Emergency Department I learned meditation to help with the stress of a busy working environment. It made sense to me that our physical body was only one aspect of our being. Through meditation I became aware of an expanded consciousness that went beyond the body and even the mind. The concept of spirit and soul became very important to me. I wanted to expand beyond the simply physical approach to healing. I began to look for a more holistic way of providing care. From there I’ve continued to study many different healing modalities including Reiki, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Massage, Life Coaching and Shamanic Healing.

I now understand and know the power of nature and her ability to nurture, support and heal. I am deeply connected with Celtic Spirituality and the earth on which we live. Any healing work I engage in encompasses the body, mind and spirit….. and primarily my focus is on the spirit or soul aspect, as I think this aspect of our being is often neglected. I know that each one of us is capable of healing ourselves. But sometimes we need a little support and guidance to help us on our way. Everything I do aims to empower you to access your own knowingness and healing abilities. My passion is teaching – as when we learn to help ourselves we are truly free. I will walk with you for a while as you walk along the path of your life………….

Moya McGinley

Moya is a Registered General Nurse and worked as Nurse in Complementary Therapies with a Specialist Palliative Care Service. She holds a Degree in Social Science, Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Life Coaching and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She completed a year long Shamanic apprenticeship with a Native Mexican Medicine Woman and also completed an advanced programme in Shamanic Healing Practices. She has worked in the youth, education and health sectors.