Private Healing Sessions

Welcome to The Heart of the Matter

I am available by appointment for a one-to-one session where you can meet with me privately for healing, learning or guidance. As with all that happens here at Cosán Ciúin, my wish is that you access your own healing and wisdom. I am available to act as your companion and guide as you open to ‘the heart of the matter’. Each session will be different as our focus will be on what you need at that time. Together we will listen to what your body, mind and spirit need……..
My ultimate aim is to help you access healing, understanding, wisdom and peace.

Healing – My understanding of the human-being is that alongside the physical body we have an energetic body which permeates body, mind and spirit. Any imbalance in our energetic body tends to manifest as a physical, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. We can work together to restore balance to your energetic body. When our energetic body is in balance our symptoms or discomfort tend to ease. I always use some form of energy healing but may also incorporate the use of visualisation, meditation, coaching, shamanic techniques, sound and nature.

Learning – When we learn for ourselves we become empowered. Would it be useful to know more about the energy system of the body? How can you access your own intuition and wisdom? How can you be more present and in harmony with the land on which you live? How can you interact with your animal companions in a more meaningful way? Do you have other questions in relation to energy, healing and spirituality? Take this opportunity and time to explore these areas so that you can live a more compassionate and fulfilling life.

Support and self-reflection for holistic therapists – It is useful to bring reflective practice and awareness to our work as holistic therapists. I can offer support that allows you to reflect on your practice, increase your self-awareness, and deepen your understanding of offering a supportive space for others to heal. By a process of self-reflection we ensure a place of safety for our clients and ourselves, we improve the quality of therapy we provide and we include our own need for self-care and compassion.

Guidance – I am willing to be your companion and guide as you heal, transform and create the life that your heart desires.

Sessions take place here at Cosán Ciúin working in the studio room ‘Seomra Feasa’ and on the land with nature as our guide.
An individual session lasts two hours and costs €90.

(Longer sessions are available by request. Zoom sessions are available at an hourly rate of €50.)

Sessions are by appointment only.

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I am happy to facilitate individuals or groups who wish to visit Cosán Ciúin. Check out the Visiting Cosán Ciúin page for more details. Groups of 1-3 people will be accommodated within the sessional rate of 45 euro per hour and the minimum duration is 2 hours. Larger groups are also very welcome – Please contact me by email to discuss your requirements. All visits must be booked in advance.

Moya is a Registered General Nurse and worked as Nurse in Complementary Therapies with a Specialist Palliative Care Service. She holds a Degree in Social Science, Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Personal & Business Coaching and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She completed a year-long Shamanic apprenticeship with a Native Mexican Medicine Woman and also completed an advanced programme in Shamanic Healing Practices. She has worked in the youth, education and health sectors.