I am somewhat shy about using testimonials yet I know they are helpful for those who don’t know me. So, here are some recent words from people I have worked with. I am deeply grateful to each of you for taking the time to write.

Katie Grace Pepe, U.S.A.

Walking the Tranquil Paths at Cosan Ciuin, you can hear the land, the Ancients and your own heart speak. With a lightness of heart, Moya devotes herself to preserving and sharing our precious connection to the Earth, Spirit and All That Is. Near to a Bronze Age cooking fire pit, lies a Triple Spiral labyrinth, carved carefully Into the meadow. In the deep deep quiet of the north west of Ireland, walking Barefoot through the labyrinth, you might disappear in time…and find yourself.

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin
Thank you, Moya, for sharing Cosán Ciúin with my April 2015 tour group. It was a pleasure to witness travelers morph from tourist to pilgrim. Each person, including me as guide, enjoyed your amazing triple spiral labyrinth. Your guidance and support helped us tap into the spirits of the land. I sensed our Irish ancestors smiling upon us! A delicious and nourishing lunch, the walking of the labyrinth, and the meditation within the tree circle—a triple spiral of amazing experiences. Thank you, Moya, for claiming the precious lands and restoring them to a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Sharon Ennis, Meath
I have completed Reiki 1, 2, and most recently my Reiki 3 Master level with Moya. What a wonderful journey it has been.
I’ve known Moya since 2006 after coming across the Tranquil Paths website. I instantly felt drawn and so the journey of healing and transformation began. Moya has been there in all those years. She teaches in a very practical, simple and easy way. Just the way I like it, no bells and whistles just one heart speaking to another: sharing, supporting guiding along the way. I’ve learned so much from Moya through her guidance and wise woman words… how to listen and trust myself.
Learning Reiki 3 with Moya was a truly magical experience. We were immersed in the energy over 3 residential weekends and delved into Celtic wisdom, Shamanic practices, mindfulness and spending time out in nature and in silence. It made our learning more meaningful as it really allowed us to connect with ourselves and the energies. Lastly I want to thank Moya from the whole of my heart for the wonderful journey we’ve had together and look forward to what the future brings.

Karen Kelly, Dublin
Having never used animal communication methods before I contacted Moya in desperation looking for a healing session with a particularly troubled horse after all other avenues had failed miserably.  This horse had been very challenging and was described in very unflattering terms by a previous owner. 
Moya connected with the horse in person and gave a very unique insight into what was troubling the horse.  It was very obvious in the horse’s demeanour that Moya had connected with her. Moya gave both the horse and I very clear information and direction and advised that within the next month we would know if there was going to be an improvement.
I am absolutely delighted to say that 8 months later and the horse is a totally different animal – soft, kind, and willing as opposed to the frenzied, angst ridden, challenging animal that Moya first encountered. None of this would have been achieved without Moya’s intervention as I would have headed down a different path with the horse which would have made things a whole lot worse. I now use regular sessions with Moya as it’s of immense benefit to both the horse and I.

Maria Flynn, Westmeath
Moya’s sensitive facilitation, both gentle and wise, reflects her personal integrity as a person and as a teacher. In both individual and group settings I have experienced and witnessed deep levels of healing as Moya supported the energetic journey unique to each person with a steady grounded clarity.

Aidan & Niamh Conroy, Dublin
Moya is truly an amazing woman that helped our dogs beyond all belief. My initial impression of an animal communicator was somewhat sceptical but that was quickly wiped from my mind when I saw the manner in which she worked with our dogs. The information she communicated to us was spot on & of enormous help – straight off & going forward. I would recommend this lady to anyone who needs & wants to understand their animals better & help them long term. She put the smile back on our broken hearted dog for which we all will be forever in her debt!

Christine Tierney, Cavan
It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude I write these few words. I am truly Blessed to have completed my Reiki Master level with you. We had a wonderful weekend, with plenty of fun and laughter. I came away feeling so enriched in Body, Mind and Spirit. I continue daily recalling your guidance, your clear directions, your unlimited love and compassion. I have also had the pleasure of being present on some of your Walking Meditations, which I love. For me they are shrouded in Divine Magic. A remarkable Being of Light you are.

Barry Smith, Meath

Moya first entered my life through her work with my dog, Rupert, who was experiencing a difficult time. Through gentle and caring interaction, Moya made me aware of some of Rupert’s anxieties and how best I could help him. The results were immediate and for that, I will be forever grateful to Moya. Intrigued by Moya’s astonishing ability to connect with animals but also her humility, I wished to explore the world of energy-work and healing. Thus, I have completed Reiki I and II with Moya and its application in my life, both for me and for others, has been incredible. Moya’s way of teaching is exemplary. She advocates unbiased and honest healing which comes from a place of love and humility and which is free of ego. She can also stir deep-seated emotions and thoughts which allows one to find answers on one’s own.
The healing that Moya promotes is universal and extends to working with nature. Her profound connection and commitment to nature is awe-inspiring. This is evident with Moya’s hostings of seasonal celebrations which are a wonderful and respectful way to connect with nature and one’s spirituality.
Moya’s energy is a joy and a privilege to be around but when you visit Moya at her home at Cosán Ciúin, the experience is dramatically increased. The land, that Moya has so lovingly and gently cared for, works in harmony with her and wisdom and insight seem to spring from both. The residue of ancient and ancestral use and practice has been retained by the land and with Moya’s respectful restoration, the land is once again opening up and is willing to work and commune with people.