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Explore the energy of Death so that you can live your life more fully.

This year, as we navigate our ever-changing social norms, I am offering The Soul’s Journey Home online. This offering is only available once per year, at the time of Samhain.

Join me in an exploration of the energy of death. Death has become my greatest teacher, companion and friend. By welcoming Death we can be more fully present in our living; we can develop skills of presence, mindfulness and compassion; we can receive the courage and grace to accompany someone on their final journey; and we can prepare for our own journey with Death.

We have many journeys with Death throughout our lives, dying to the old so that the new can be born. When we embrace this journey we can more gracefully live a more fulfilling life.

Areas covered include:

  • The energy system of the body and soul
  • Sacred Space
  • Presence
  • Healing Arts – tools and aids
  • Ritual
  • Irish traditions, cycles and seasons
  • Healing beyond words


There will be a minimum of 7 sessions/modules.

I always work deeply with the energy of the group and I feel this year will be no different. For that reason we may need to add in additional pieces and sessions. And we may need to extend our end date (no later than the full moon of November 30th). I am happy to facilitate this and simply ask that you are open to additional offerings if they are presented, and that you welcome flexibility in responding to the flow of energy. (There is no extra charge for any additional offerings.)

Sessions/Modules will be varied, including:

  • pre-recorded videos
  • recorded meditations
  • live sessions (any live sessions will be recorded and shared)
  • exercises
  • personal reflection
  • sacred site visit and Samhain fire (via video recording)
  • written material

There will be a private Facebook group for participants to allow interaction between sessions.

This is not a theoretical programme…….. it is an active, participatory and experiential programme………
You will be required to take a journey with me and the energy of Death. I will introduce you to my very dear friend…………. be willing to meet and greet Death in many ways.

Dates: 16th October – 14th November 2020. The Moon Phase of Samhain.
Cost: €195.00

What others have said about their experience of The Soul’s Journey Home Retreat………..

‘To say the souls Journey Home was a life changing experience for me is an understatement. It literally changed my life. I went into the experience with little knowledge about what to expect. I thought it might be relevant to me in my work life, as I nurse people who are living with the awareness that they are dying. However, it was so much more than a reflection of life and death. I had a profound experience which made me really attune with myself and my real life purpose…… what I wanted and what I would no longer accept. It was an awakening of my soul, a soul that had been dimmed and dulled by life, by work, by children, by family, by drink and lifestyle that wasn’t actually true to my soul at all. This weekend is a defibrillator for your soul. And for you and who you truly are and always were!’ Liz, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Palliative Care

‘The Soul’s Journey Home is a gentle yet profound way to explore death. Under Moya’s assured guidance, the individual and the group challenge the Irish fascination with – but the total unwillingness to honestly discuss – death and dying. By trying to better understand the energy, necessity and beauty of death, one’s life can become more meaningful. The days are filled with engaging discussions, quiet reflections and self-discovery. You are not simply told what death is; you are encouraged by Moya and the group to discovery what death, dying, life and living means to you. Attending this workshop will empower the individual, and gift them with the ability to assist themselves and those whom they love with the inevitable experience of dying.’ Barry, Librarian

‘Moya’s ability to guide the group with incredible insight, deep compassion, and humour in exploring death as an energy, was a sometimes challenging but definitely an empowering and enjoyable experience. For many years, it had been a natural protective mechanism of mine to skirt around emotional wounds. I avoided feeling, in order to cope with grief and loss, and in the process lost a piece of my soul. Doing The Soul’s Journey work allowed me to find another way of facing loss, embracing the journey of dying and renewing my being and soul.’ Clare, Nurse in Complementary Therapy, Palliative Care

About Moya……..
I am often asked ‘How can I assist someone as they are passing from this world?’ My answer is: by being fully present with them. And in order to be fully present we must have explored our own views of death. This has led me to facilitate workshops to share my knowledge with others. Years of experience meditating, practising and teaching energy healing and shamanic work, and working with people with a life-limiting illness, has brought me to a place where I can humbly sit with the passing soul acting as a companion and sometimes a guide. I am passionate about teaching and feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge with others.

I am a Registered General Nurse and hold a degree in Social Science. I have undertaken additional studies in loss and bereavement. I worked for many years as Nurse in Complementary Therapies with a Specialist Palliative Care Team. I have also worked as an Employee Assistance Officer providing loss and bereavement support to individuals and groups. I have Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Life Coaching and have completed an extensive apprenticeship in Shamanic Practices. I have been practising meditation for 20 years, and I am a Reiki Master-Teacher.

Payment Options

  • Deposit: €100
  • Balance: €95
  • Full Payment: €195

You will be asked to complete a short application form to complete your registration. This will be emailed to you by Moya.

Full payment is due before the 1st October 2020. After 1st October 2020, payments are non-refundable.